Join the Association’s activities and benefit from the know-how of its working groups.


We regularly hold educational seminars for members and offer professional advice and consultations on new developments among our members.


Both individuals and companies may become an Association member. Membership terms are in detail set out in our bylaws.


Full membership is intended for individuals. The membership fee for full members of the Association was set by a decision of the Association Board. The membership fee for 2021 for full members (individuals) is CZK 1,000 / year. In the first year of membership, the membership fee is pro-rata calculated based on the number of months from his acceptance to the end of the calendar year. Every individual intending to become a full member of the Association must be above 18 years of age and may not have a criminal record. A membership certificate as a proof of active membership in the Association can be issued upon member’s request sent to, which is conditioned by the payment of membership fees for the relevant calendar year.


Company membership is intended for legal entities. The membership fee for 2021 for company members (legal entities) is CZK 10,000 / year. A company member does not have the right to vote. However, after the membership fee payment, each company member receives, alongside other benefits, an option to a 100% discount on free full membership for up to 3 natural persons (being company’s employees or board members).


What are the other requirements for becoming a member of the Association?

Our mission is to enhance personal data protection. Given this, membership applicants should be interested in personal data protection and should know the fundamental principles to actively contribute to fulfilling the Association’s mission and developing its core activities, including sharing experiences and knowledge in the field of privacy.


Based on a signed membership application, providing applicant’s details (and in case of a legal entity with proof of an up-to-date extract from the Commercial or another register), the Association Board decides on applicant’s admission as a member of the Association. Membership in the Association is conditioned by the payment of an annual membership fee set by the Association Board and approved by the General Meeting.


Why become a member of the Association?

The Association offers the following benefits to the members:

  • Access to the private, members-only section of the Association’s web presence, where data protection issues are discussed and practical experience is shared;
  • Access to attractive and updated content from the area of privacy protection;
  • Members gain a comprehensive overview of the fundamental data protection documents in the Czech Republic and the European Union, including web links to other entities and institutions who deal with these issues. Members get access to legislation, relevant case law, articles, opinions of various institutions, templates, etc. concerning data protection issues;
  • Newsletter on data protection issues and the activities of the Association (this requires that you provide us with your e-mail address);
  • Opportunities to meet experts from various industries who have hands-on experience with the protection of personal data, e.g. at professional events organized by the Association;
  • Members become part of a group of professionals who actively develop  data protection rules and ethical standards for data processing; and
  • Associate membership provides legal entities with the right to nominate up to three of their employees for full membership in the Association (with a 100% membership discount).
  • Certificate of active membership and participation in the Association’s activities and events.